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Hi, I’m Jem!

Speaker | Podcast Host | Transformation Director at I’m Still Standing Ministries

I help women of faith on their journey of healing and wholeness in Christ. Restoration of the heart is the primary goal in my encounters with the ladies I speak to through my signature talk ‘ Healed from the Past, Equipped for the Future’ -which results in them being able to pursue God‘s purpose for their lives in the most effective way.

If you or the ladies that you serve feel gripped or stuck due to past experiences of trauma, abuse, fear, unforgiveness, addiction or generational cycles- you are in the right place. In partnership with the Lord, I focus on “binding up the brokenhearted, proclaiming freedom for the captive, and releasing from darkness for the prisoner.”

Freedom from the past means freedom to do what God has called us to do, how he’s called us to do it.

Isaiah 61, Luke 13:10-13, 1 Peter 5:10, Psalm 34:17-20



Healed from the Past, Equipped for the Future

This talk is for ladies that have a call on their lives but have a nagging feeling that there are things that need to be addressed before they can go ‘all in’ to their God ordained purpose. We will take an honest look at our hearts and uncover any areas that we have been hiding from God and maybe even from ourselves. This talk will facilitate the ladies in allowing the Father access to that ‘one thing’ that has held them back from their healing and calling.


Restoration of the heart

Past trauma/abuse

Importance of forgiveness

Diving purpose



“Anxiety, depression, poverty, anger & hopelessness did not win in my life, and they don’t have to in yours.”

“Anxiety, depression, poverty, anger & hopelessness did not win in my life, and they don’t have to in yours.”

Jem Jackson is an international speaker and the Transformation Director of I’m Still Standing Ministries. Through speaking engagements, retreats, and podcast episodes she teaches women how to heal and embark on a journey of wholeness and freedom in Christ. Jem speaks from clinical counselling/social work experience, but also from her personal experience of transformation. She has overcome 20 years of anxiety, the trauma of living in homeless shelters as a child, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, unforgiveness, feelings of worthlessness and anger. 

Jem is a wife to her amazing husband and a mother to her 3 year old daughter. She is passionate about transformation and has many years experience in private practice counselling, community based social work, and trauma informed practices. She merges her personal experience, clinical experience and the transformative power of Jesus Christ in everything she does. Jem is a life long learner and has a Masters in Social Work degree and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. If she were to choose 3 words to sum up this season of her life’s work, it would be: healing, restoration and purpose. 



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“The workshop was a phenomenal experience. Every woman present was impacted, burdens of women were lifted. Lies from the enemy were exposed. Chains were broken. Women were set free and healing took place. The church talks about it to this day.

— Minister Adanna Phillip, Faith United Ministries


“What I love about Jem as a speaker is that I can see her heart through her words, we can see her authenticity -that her heart is to please the Lord and to be that channel that speaks what is in the Father’s heart. She is led by the Spirit, it’s not about her agenda or what she planned to do, its really about what the spirit is saying.”

— Hebecah Zuanazzi, All in Worship

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“Jem’s heart for healing is beautiful, from the moment I sat down with her, I felt the presence of her soul. Speaking to moving forward in this life and overcoming isn’t always easy. I was at ease with her gentle spirit. I know that many women and men will encounter their breakthroughs through her obedience to follow her calling.”

— Kamshuka, Becoming Warrior


“Jem was a facilitator at my summer #Unplug retreat and working with her was nothing less than amazing! This woman of God is an absolute force to be reckoned with. I remember during our session how she spoke with a sweet, small , still voice- yet it came forth with so much power and might. I watched as she moved in the spirit and spoke into the lives of the women at the retreat. I remember calling her a ‘silent weapon’. I have no doubt in my mind that Jem is going to take this world by storm! I have the awesome opportunity to know Jem on a personal, professional and ministry level; and her character and love for God remains the same. Jem, I am blessed to know you and I thank God that the world will soon know you too, because all of creation is crying for the manifestation of the daughters of God.”

— Evangelist Jessica Robinson-Grant, Sisters in Praise